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Abetter LIMS

Abetter LIMS – Laboratory Information and Management System 

Providing a complete solution for lab information and management Abetter LIMS functions are ranging from data administration, planning and processing to result management, quality assurance and reporting. The functionalities of the Abetter LIMS include:

  • Sample management
  • Methods and workflows
  • Container management
  • Work planning
  • Devise and reagent management
  • Traceability and audit trail
  • Electronic signatures
  • User and rights management
  • Compliance with ISO 17025 and GLP guidelines

A detailed description of the functionalities and possible applications of Abetter LIMS you will find at 

For the best adaption to the particular needs of a specialized lab, Abetter LIMS provides specific expert modules:

Abetter LIMS Forensic Edition

The forensic module, as an extension of the functionalities of Abetter LIMS, is perfectly tailored to forensic DNA labs. This Abetter LIMS Forensic Edition has been developed in cooperation with forensic scientists and is recently used in various accredited DNA labs and State Offices of Criminal Investigation. 

Abetter LIMS Clinical Edition

For best adaption to clinical labs Abetter LIMS Clinical Edition provides a clinical specification. Thereby, the clinical module supports a comprehensive laboratory and patient management including a client database, ICD-10-catalogs as well as examination analyses.